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October - The Month of the Opal


October is here – the month of our most loved stone, the Opal. Opal has been the reigning champ of our vintage rings since our opening in 2013. From fiery genuine Opal to delicate imitation Pinfire Opal, the stone continues to be our most popular, yet. While we carry imitation and genuine Opal, the most valuable Opals come from Australia, Mexico, the U.S. and Britain. Opals, along with pink Tourmaline are the birthstones for October.

Opal was once believed to enhance creativity and harness originality and has always been associated with passion. Wearing an Opal has been said to bring out loyalty and faithfulness in its wearer.

You'll notice Opals have a marvelous reflective "rainbow" like effect in certain lighting. This is popularly referred to as the "fire" of the Opal. The "fire" or vibrant coloring comes from the reflection of the scattering of light from the closely packed silica spheres that make up the opal. These spheres are responsible for the different colors. The more coloring or “fire” in the Opal, the more valuable it is. Opals can be milky or slightly transparent. Transparent Opals have been known to hold a higher value, as well. 

Below, see our list of our most favorite and loved Opal and October birthstone vintage rings:

Genuine Jelly Opal Ring

Genuine Opal with Clear Austrian Crystals

Genuine Opal With Austrian Crystal Accents

Vintage Triplet Opal with Clear Austrian Crystal Accents

Vintage Genuine Opal with Surrounding Crystals

Vintage Tourmaline and Pinfire Opal Necklace

Vintage Pink Crystal and Pinfire Opal Cocktail Ring

Vintage Genuine Opal Marquise ring

Vintage Filigree Ring With Pinfire Opals

Vintage Imitation Harlequin Opal with Crystals

September's Birthstone - The Sapphire

Hello, September! This month we celebrate the Sapphire Austrian Crystal, a stunning deep blue stone that has been celebrated for thousands of years. The most well known Sapphires are blue, but Sapphire actually comes in a variety of colors – including pink, yellow, orange and green. Red Sapphires are known as Rubies.We’re proud to offer you a wide selection [...]

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August Birthstone - The Peridot

Summer is flying by and August is already here. While back to school shopping and barbecues collide – we’re mostly concerned with this month’s gorgeous birthstone, the Peridot.Peridot is a gorgeous light green colored stone. Peridot, symbolizes strength. It is sometimes called the evening Emerald for its light green color. Because of it’s pastel shade, it pairs effortlessly with many lighter [...]

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A Look Into How It was Made...#555

In honor of our newest addition to the Providence Vintage Jewelry collection, we’re revealing the original drawing of a beloved ring #555. This gorgeous ring comes in many stones and finishes. As always, some are available on our Etsy storefront, while others are available right here, on our website.The design was conceptualized around the beginning of 1990. It features a gorgeous scalloped [...]

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A Look Into How It Was Made...#1824

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Pretty in Pearls

Mother’s day is just around the corner. So is Easter and all your other fun spring endeavors. These holidays remind us of the elegance of pearls. Pearls never go out of style for a reason. They remain classic and timeless with an ever so chic aura.This spring we’re all about pastel colors and textures. Pair one of our fabulous [...]

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The Clear Austrian Crystal - April's Birthstone

Oh the combinations that can come of the Austrian Crystal. Typically, the diamond is the birthstone of April. We carry crystal and cubic zirconia rings to bring you an inexpensive alternative to the diamond. Aside from the Clear Austrian crystal being a birthstone, it’s our staple stone due to its ability to pair with any stone and finish.The crystal [...]

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Spring Ready – Pastel Crystal Cocktail Rings

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Our Newest Obsession - Vintage Art Deco

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Amethyst - February's Birthstone

February is the month of the Amethyst stone. It’s purple coloring varies, but mostly portrays a dark royal hue with deeper colored dimensions. It’s a beautiful stone; even for someone who’s birthday doesn’t fall in February. This purple stone is loved by many, making it a true staple. It's believed by some to aid healing and bring spiritual [...]

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