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A Look Into How It Was Made...#1824


We’re putting one of our favorite rings in the spotlight today! As you know, we have many vintage rings remaining in our “vault” Every so often we go down into our basement and find vintage rings to bring up, count and add to our website.

Each ring was made here, in Providence. The rings were hand drawn on paper first (crazy right!?) and then brought into production. Seeing these drawings is mesmerizing – and some of them are even dated. There’s something really special about these hand drawn designs – it takes us back to a time where things were much simpler. We are left with multiple binders, organized by number. Each binder is filled with the original drawings of these timeless rings.

#1824 is a ring you’ve seen before on our website and Etsy shop. A gorgeous 12mm glass pearl is the focus, surrounded by a mixture of round and baguette crystals for a look that is fit for any luxurious event or evening wear. The ring was originally inspired by the Art Deco era with a twist to make it all our own.

The ring was conceptualized and brought into production in October of 1984.

This ring is available in yellow and white gold tone. Stay tuned with us! We plan to reveal the original drawing of every ring we have live on our website!

(The designer of the rings is unknown to us. We’re guessing that this was an employee of our company at the time.)

Amethyst - February's Birthstone

February is the month of the Amethyst stone. It’s purple coloring varies, but mostly portrays a dark royal hue with deeper colored dimensions. It’s a beautiful stone; even for someone who’s birthday doesn’t fall in February. This purple stone is loved by many, making it a true staple. It's believed by some to aid healing and bring spiritual [...]

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Top 10 Favorite Vintage Rings of 2016

With January coming to a close, we like to do a roll out of our rings that have been so popular in the past year, they’re practically sold out! We’d like to thank our vintage loving customers for purchasing and loving our timeless collection of rings. Below are rings we could barely keep on our shelves in 2016.  SHOP [...]

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Zodiac Styled Wedding Shoot

We were delighted to take part in this absolutely gorgeous Zodiac Styled Wedding Photo shoot! Two of our most popular Sapphire styles were featured, and really couldn’t have been more perfect for this! Every vendor involved brought something magnificent to the table (literally). This couple is beyond adorable, and the photography is simply STUNNING! This overall, was a marvelous [...]

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Today's Look!

Our current vintage jewelry look <3        (Mid rings pictured not available) 

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Casting Spotlight

Blast from the past! The castings to our rings? What?! Here's a look at some PVJ history!Hey look! It's Marsha!Oh, and Abigail! Lucia & her former selfAnd BettyI spy Jada...Hey there Adeline!Pretty little AmeliaMartinaThere might be some castings you don't recognize.. But that's because there's still so many undiscovered rings in the basement! (All the more reason to stay tuned with us) 

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Dark Winter Nails & Cameos?! Yes.

Mmmm this is an instant winter look we love. Pair your vintage cameos with some dark polish! The combination is magnificent. Nail polish: Essie - Little Brown DressCameo (Winifred)Marcasite (Gladdis)

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New Discoveries!

Ok so this week we decided to give you more genuine stone options. Stones like Jade, Onyx and Marcasite are always our favorite. They practically go with everything! As always, quantities are very limited! Don't wait on these - once they sell out, they're gone forever!

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Our Story

So as you can see, we have an array of vintage rings in many different styles. Where did they come from? Why do they look brand new? When were they made? Questions answered... now. Our vintage rings come in many different sizes with beautiful genuine and glass stones, and finishes. Some styles include unique [...]

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