February birthstone vintage amethyst ring - cubic zirconia - clear Swarovski crystals

Amethyst, the birthstone ring for February, is not only known for its beautiful color, but it is also widely available in different shapes and sizes – making it a more affordable option.  In history, it was believed that the stone protected the wearer from drunkenness, enabled them to keep a balanced mindset, increased courage, and strengthened the relationships of the person wearing it.

Amethyst is an extremely popular gem because of its attractive purple color. Amethyst is used to produce faceted stones, cabochons, beads, tumbled stones, and many other items for jewelry and ornamental use.

Find the perfect gift for any occasion with our collection of vintage amethyst rings, necklaces, and bracelets which are made with genuine amethyst gemstones, clear Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia; available in gold (white, yellow, rose), silver and rhodium.  Our wide variety of vintage amethyst rings includes styles such as Victorian, Antiqued, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro Fashion, Costume and Cocktail Rings to accommodate any wardrobe

All our vintage amethyst jewelry was handmade in the USA! and has been stored away for over 25 years!