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A Look Into How It was Made...#555


In honor of our newest addition to the Providence Vintage Jewelry collection, we’re revealing the original drawing of a beloved ring #555. This gorgeous ring comes in many stones and finishes. As always, some are available on our Etsy storefront, while others are available right here, on our website.

The design was conceptualized around the beginning of 1990. It features a gorgeous scalloped setting with a hand set Austrian Crystal to top it off, completing the subtle floral-like look. This particular ring also comes in precious stones like genuine Jade and Opal.

We are overcome with nostalgia with these original drawings. There’s something so special about them, reminding us that at one point, Providence was the jewelry capitol of the world. We’re proud to offer these gorgeous treasures to you after all these years.

We’ve added the Light Amethyst version of this ring in honor of June’s birthstone. A beautiful light lavender color makes up this crystal cocktail ring. 

A Look Into How It Was Made...#1824

We’re putting one of our favorite rings in the spotlight today! As you know, we have many vintage rings remaining in our “vault” Every so often we go down into our basement and find vintage rings to bring up, count and add to our website.Each ring was made here, in Providence. The rings were hand drawn on paper first [...]

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