May birthstone vintage emerald ring - cubic zirconia - clear Swarovski crystals

Emerald, the “stone of successful love”.  It is said to bring loyalty and provide for domestic bliss.  It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. Emerald stimulates the heart chakra, having a healing effect on the emotions as well as the heart.  It ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, bringing harmony to all areas of life.

It has a detoxifying effect on the liver and is believed to alleviate diabetes and rheumatism.

Find the perfect gift for any occasion with our collection of vintage emerald rings which are made with genuine emerald gemstones, and emerald Swarovski crystals; available in yellow or white gold electroplated. Our wide variety of vintage emerald rings includes styles such as Victorian, Antiqued, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro Fashion, Costume and Cocktail Rings that accommodate any wardrobe.

All our vintage emerald jewelry was handmade in the USA! and has been stored away for over 25 years!