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A Look Into How It Was Made...#1824


We’re putting one of our favorite rings in the spotlight today! As you know, we have many vintage rings remaining in our “vault” Every so often we go down into our basement and find vintage rings to bring up, count and add to our website.

Each ring was made here, in Providence. The rings were hand drawn on paper first (crazy right!?) and then brought into production. Seeing these drawings is mesmerizing – and some of them are even dated. There’s something really special about these hand drawn designs – it takes us back to a time where things were much simpler. We are left with multiple binders, organized by number. Each binder is filled with the original drawings of these timeless rings.

#1824 is a ring you’ve seen before on our website and Etsy shop. A gorgeous 12mm glass pearl is the focus, surrounded by a mixture of round and baguette crystals for a look that is fit for any luxurious event or evening wear. The ring was originally inspired by the Art Deco era with a twist to make it all our own.

The ring was conceptualized and brought into production in October of 1984.

This ring is available in yellow and white gold tone. Stay tuned with us! We plan to reveal the original drawing of every ring we have live on our website!

(The designer of the rings is unknown to us. We’re guessing that this was an employee of our company at the time.)


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